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Telfair County, Georgia

Located 154 miles southeast of Atlanta.

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  Per Capita Income

COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: 3 county public schools with teachers, students in 2011; 1 private school with students in 2013.
Technical College: Oconee Fall Line Technical College at Dublin (35 miles) with 2,915 students; Wiregrass Georgia Technical College at Douglas (40 miles) with 1,670 students.

4-yr: Brewton-Parker College at Mount Vernon (26 miles) with 1,269 students; Middle Georgia State College at Cochran (40 miles) with 8,884 students; South Georgia State College at Douglas (42 miles) with 3,059 students; Georgia Southern University at Statesboro (74 miles) with 20,574 students.

  Local Taxes
PROPERTY: Property taxes are determined by tax rates and assessment ratios which vary by location and state. A realistic method to compare property taxes from different locations is to use the ‘effective tax rate’. Effective tax rates combine city, county, school, and state tax rates into one convenient figure – the annual tax for each $1,000 of property at its fair market value. This rate applies to all property – land, buildings, equipment and inventory. Certain property is exempt from local property tax.
Effective Rates:
City   Year   Within City   Outside City
Helena   2009   $14.58   $11.78
Lumber City   2009   $15.78   $11.78
McRae   2009   $15.93   $11.78
Scotland   2009   $12.98   $11.78
SALES: City and county have 4% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax.

INVENTORY (Freeport): Freeport is the general term used for the exemption of ad valorem tax on inventories as defined by Georgia law. The law offers manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and warehouse operations an attractive inventory tax exemption on three classes of property.
Telfair County exempts 100% on all classes of certain business inventory from property taxation.
JOB TAX CREDIT: Tier: 1, Amount: $4,000 as of 2013
Tier refers to the economic well-being of a county. For more information go to http://www.dca.state.ga.us/economic/TaxCredits/programs/taxcredit.asp


  Municipal Services
FIRE PROTECTION: McRae operates a fire department with 3 full-time personnel and 20 volunteers. Fire insurance classification 6. County fire service also operated from McRae Fire Department.
ZONING: City has zoning ordinance and subdivision design standards.

COMMERCIAL AIRPORT: Middle Georgia Regional Airport (89 miles) service by ASA.

GENERAL AVIATION AIRPORT: Middle Georgia Regional Airport (89 miles) with a 6,500 feet bituminous runway, is a full service general aviation airport with two lighted runways 6,501 ft. and 5,000 ft. Lowe Aviation operates the FBO at MGRA. The Downtown Airport is a general aviation airport with two runways, 4,696 ft. and 3,614 ft; Telfair/Wheeler County Airport (2 miles) with a 4,500 feet bituminous runway, aircraft tiedown, lighted runway, NDB.
RAIL: CSX piggyback - Cordele (57 miles); Norfolk Southern piggyback - Macon (89 miles); Norfolk Southern rail - McRae (local).
Navigable River: Altamaha River (9 foot channel depth) with public barge dock at Brunswick (111 miles).
Seaport: Brunswick Seaport (111 miles) with maintained channel depth of 32 feet.

ELECTRICITY: A part of Georgia's modern integrated electrical transmission system, Telfair County has excellent ability to supply industrial demands. Compared to 47% for the U.S., coal accounts for 84% of fuel used by the state's power generating plants. This assures long-term continuity. If demand exceeds 900kw, any supplier can step in and offer service.
NATURAL GAS: Supplied by Georgia Natural Gas Company and available in industrial quantities on an interruptible basis.
WATER: Plant capacity: 5,600,000 gal/day. Consumption: 575,000 gal/day average. Elevated storage capacity: 450,000 gal. Source: 3 deep wells. Industrial park in McRae has a 10" water main.
SEWER: Plant Capacity: 1,000,000 gal/day; Plant Load: 410,000 gal/day.

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